Desmond Bertrand-Pitts

Desmond Bertrand-Pitts, MBA, M.Ed.
Chief Executive Officer

Welcome to the Center for African American Military History also known as the Buffalo Soldiers National Museum.

Hey Trooper, welcome to the Buffalo Soldiers National Museum. I hope that you find a great guide and glimpse into the amazing experience you will have when you visit the museum.

Our exhibitions span over centuries of military conflicts ranging from the Revolutionary War to present day. We highlight the stories and contributions of African American men and women
and the great sacrifices they made in the defense of our Nation and its citizens.

As our Founder, Captain Matthews so eloquently states “although we focus on and feature the African American military experience, we are an American History institution and we want the world to know that.” As you peruse the site and visit our exhibits, look for something that you respond to, whether it’s an artifact that reminds you of your parents or grandparents, a uniform like the one you once served in, or artwork that tells a compelling story. When you find it, we’d love to hear from you about it and hope that you also share it with friends and family and invite them to visit us to find something they relate to as well.

As we continue working to build our Path Forward, we invite you to take the journey with us. By visiting, donating, participating in programming, volunteering, becoming a member, purchasing an item from the gift shop, or by being an advocate by spreading the word. Your support ensures that the legacy of the African American military experience will not be ignored, overlooked or forgotten.

Thank you for visiting our website and I challenge you to ask yourself, ‘Why was it important for me to visit the BSNM?’ As the CEO of this great institution, my “why?” is to provide the world with the unapologetic truth of African Americans’ gallant and courageous efforts to create a safe and prosperous life for all people.

See you soon!


BSNM is dedicated to exploring and displaying the stories and contributions of African Americans in the military by way of performing and visual arts, educational programming, and exhibitions.


Our hope is to extend public knowledge of the achievements of all the nation’s African American armed forces personnel to the general public thus building pride and patriotism throughout all of the communities we serve.


The purpose of BSNM is to educate, preserve, promote, and perpetuate the history, tradition, and outstanding contributions of the Buffalo Soldiers towards the development and defense of America from The Revolutionary War to the present.

About the Buffalo Soldiers National Museum