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Our museum exhibits at the Buffalo Soldiers National Museum cover the history and contributions of the Buffalo Soldiers, as well as the legacy that follows.

The Blue Helmets in Action

On Exhibit through Sept 14

Our new rotating exhibition focuses on the 93rd Infantry Division, the first African American combat division to be activated during World War II.

The purpose of the exhibition is to educate visitors about this historically overlooked Army division. The exhibition follows the formation of The Blue Helmets, their early history, training, service in the Pacific theater, and occupation duties through to deactivation.

Contact our Director of Exhibitions Cale Carter II at cale.carter@buffalosoldiersmuseum.org to bring this exhibit to your facility.

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Representing American Ideals, Civil Rights in the U.S. Military

Learn about the integration of the armed forces prior to Executive Order 9981, including advocacy efforts by Civil Rights leaders to end discrimination in the military. The exhibit also explores the aftermath of the order, including its enforcement, transition period, and legacy.

Photo Credit: Signal Corps Archive Flickr

Military Inspired Art (M.I.A.)

To pay homage to bravery, heroism and artistry in the military, our Military Inspired Art “MIA” exhibition creates an atmosphere where veterans and active-duty men and women can showcase their talents off the battlefield along with other modern and contemporary artists who the military may have influenced. 

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Women Who Served

Did you know there was a female Buffalo Soldier? Join us as we tell the story of Cathay Williams and the remarkable women who have since served in the U.S. military.

Cathay Williams was a cook for the Union Army when she saw the Buffalo Soldiers, intrigued by the soldiers she decided to enlist under the name of William Cathy. She served for two years with the Buffalo Soldiers, until she fell ill. After being medically examined Cathay Williams was found out. Later, she was discharged from the army without a pension. Records indicate Cathay Williams died before the turn of the century. We at BSNM like to believe Cathay Willams’ contributions to the U.S. military made way for women to serve in the military today.

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Technology Wall

Our Technology Wall exhibit displays tools and machinery that were used in the 19th and 20th centuries.

“A tool is insignificant unless there is a practical application for it.”

— Captain Paul Matthews, Founder & Curator

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The Uniform of a Buffalo Soldier

Displayed are historically correct Buffalo Soldiers in their military uniform. Whether on the Texas-Mexican border or in the northern plains of Wyoming, without the contributions of the Buffalo Soldiers the American west would have been delayed 50 years.

Modern Day Buffalo Soldiers

BSNM likes to honor the Space Force / NASA by calling them the “modern-day Buffalo Soldiers” due to them being on the vanguard of civilization in outer space, they too are charting the unknown just like the Buffalo Soldiers did over a century ago.

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Reenactment Program

The Buffalo Soldiers National Museum is proud to present these very talented, informative actors and the experiences that they take their audience on. Taking them down the paths of Harriet Tubman and authentic Buffalo Soldiers, they are able to capture the viewer’s attention with their expert storytelling skills. Make a reservation for one of our reenactors today, 713-942-8920 and ask for the Membership and Tours for more information.

Wayne Dehart


Wayne performs A Soldier’s Story, a reenactment of the story of a Buffalo Soldier.

He has been a mainstay in the Houston Theater scene for more than 25 years. Mr. DeHart’s career spans more than 100 stage productions. He has appeared in such films as “Robocop 2,” “A Perfect World,” and “Looper,” and such television programs as “Walker, Texas Ranger,” “Prison Break” and “Breaking Bad.”

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